House Guest Ettiquette

September 15, 2008 at 1:25 pm (home, travel) (, , , )

I am a control freak at home.  I also love to play hostess.  These two qualities collide when I have house guests for several days.  I have to bite my tongue when they leave towels around and don’t put their dishes in the sink/dishwasher.  It’s a good exercise in restraint.

My little 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in Venice is just big enough for myself, my boyfriend, and our male roommate.  It is a full-time job keeping the apartment clean, and we all are better and worse at different things.  I’m notorious for being the “nagging mommy”, but they don’t really complain since we all want the place to be nice and comfortable.  My roommate is the worst at cleaning up after himself, so I do get on his case more.  He had a break this week when 2 of my friends from London crashed on our couches for 4 nights.

I never realized how messy 2 girls could be in less than a week.  These are all of the things I noticed (and tried not to freak out about):

Left out every single glass or plate they used on tables and counters

No effort to dry off after showers = soaking wet (possibly ruined) bathmat and dirty floors

Painting toenails over my very beautiful, expensive living room rug!!!

Eating the last of several food items and not replacing

Now, I’ve done my fair share of couch hopping and travelling.  I would never assume that I was the PERFECT guest, but I certainly would be a lot more careful not to leave messes throughout the entire place.  At least try to clean up after yourself as much as possible (doesn’t have to be CSI clean).  Ask the hostess where to put dishes and where to take out the trash–then DO IT!

My favorite ways to endear myself to hosts:

1- buy groceries/supplies when you first arrive

2- leave a small gift of appreciation

3- take them out for dinner (ask them first)

4- do not expect them to make dinner for you, but thank them profusely if they do

5- make sure your bags are in a designated out-of-the-way spot

I will definitely see these girls again, and the first thing I’m going to think of is how bad my mildewed bathmat smelled when they left.  Do you really want to be remembered that way?


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