Bad Doctor Needs Spanking

February 4, 2008 at 12:44 am (doctors, health, women) (, , , , )

My coworker Reba told me her roommate’s gynecologist hit on her.  This is NOT okay. Ever. I don’t care if the guy smells like chocolate and looks like Mark Wahlberg Christian Bale, hitting on a patient is grossly inappropriate. I’ve spent the afternoon posting reviews all over the web to warn other women of this pervert. There should be one central place where people can put up blinking signs about who to avoid in all sorts of venues, but I think medical professions top all. Many of the review sites I found charged for the service. What? Now I need to pay to find out if my doctor is a possible molester? I might as well go back to receiving quickie-care from Planned Parenthood. At least there I was just a number, instead of a victim. Strike that, you feel like both in the waiting room.

Now, maybe someone thinks that the woman who didn’t “catch-on” deserves it. I’ve heard that before. Like she secretly wanted it. Isn’t every woman’s fantasy to be fondled by her doctor, hot or not? Lemme tell ya, if she wanted it she could have it. If a woman knows there is NO WAY she will get caught or in trouble, you know she will do it. That’s just a fact.

Back to the point: Educate the women around you! Talk to your girlfriends, sisters, and (maybe even) your mom about normal shit. Don’t let them tell you they know, blah blah. Remind them to be careful and aware of pricks and douchebags hiding around in “helping” jobs. Apparently these creeps aren’t getting the message, we need to scream a little louder.

Okay, I’m done with my feminist ranting. Go suck a cock.


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