Long Lost Cousin Marrying Best Friend

February 28, 2008 at 9:34 pm (family, genealogy) (, , , , )

I have a pretty weird last name.  It’s Swiss-German.  Very few people have the exact same spelling, and the few that do probably came from the same ancestors as I do.

My friend Maggie decided to join Peace Corps a year ago, got shipped off to Romania, and almost immediately found the man of her dreams.  So romantic.  (blechh)

Just like any newly-engaged couple, they are learning more about each others families.  Well, it just so happens that his mother has the EXACT same last name and is from the same area as my parents’ families.  Random.  Maggie emailed me as soon as she found out, and wondered if we might be related.

During our next few emails of crazy information-exchange, we discovered that my dad and Maggie’s fiance have the EXACT same genealogy book about our surname.  I immediately called my dad and had him look up their family in the book (published about 15 years ago), and guess what? … we are fourth cousins!  Our great-great grandfathers had the same dad.

I cannot get over how crazy this is, that my best friend from LA went all the way across the world to meet my distant cousin I didn’t know.  I’m so excited to meet him and the rest of the clan.  Not only do I get to connect with a totally different part of my (huge) extended family: after the wedding my friend will become my cousin!


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